Give Before Asking (with Felicity Evans from Imbibe Living)

Everything Felicity Evans does has a touch of beauty and kindness in it. As the founder of Imbibe Living, Felicity aims to bring back the health, energy and glow to her customers through her range of probiotic water kefir drinks.

Her competitive advantage isn’t that she only needs 3 hours of sleep or that she has a billionaire backer. Instead it has been her generosity that has helped her grow Imbibe Living to over 200 stockists, over 3 thousand Instagram followers and many celebrity advocates such as Sarah Wilson of “I quit sugar” fame.

So how can being generous be good in building and running your business?



You need to have genuine care

Many new business owners focus on growing sales and profits, without really thinking about how they will improve their customers’ lives. This is the exact opposite of Felicity, who is driven by how her product will make her customers feel.

She isn’t driven by profits, admitting, “I’d be better off financially sitting in somebody else’s office job! Water kefir wasn’t cool, Birkenstocks were not cool. My culture was weird, I was weirder for making it rather than going to playgroups.”

Yet despite the “weird” label, she kept creating and bottling her new living probiotic drink, as she knew that it was helping her friends and friends’ friends feel better and get the same health benefits that she had.

Be generous before asking

This is a mistake many people make when asking influencers for help in promoting their products. They send a non-descript, bland email asking for the world and offering nothing in return. So the majority of influencer requests get declined or ignored.

So why didn’t this happen to Felicity and her probiotic drinks?

Because she never asked for anything.

“You need to be generous, you need to give before asking,” advises Felicity.

Felicity noticed that Sarah Wilson had written a blog article on how to make your own fermented turmeric drink. Realising that they shared a common interest in the “weird” drink, Felicity thought that Sarah might like to try some of her Imbibe probiotic drinks.

The box didn’t include any promotional flyers or business cards, there was no desperate plea asking for a social media review. Felicity simply wrote, “Enjoy Sarah” on a recycled cardboard box and sent it off.

It’s no surprise that a celebrity like Sarah Wilson would appreciate a kind and thoughtful gift without any strings attached. So without asking, pushing or begging, Felicity received a positive review from Sarah to help promote Imbibe.

“I give, give, give so much before asking. My whole business has been about giving. It’s been a lot of sacrifice, but it’s definitely worth it.”

Felicity is a business owner, author, mother and alchemist. You would think that someone with so much on her plate wouldn’t have much left to give to others. Yet Imbibe is a clear example of how investing your time and energy into being thoughtful, kind and generous will reap the highest financial and non-financial rewards.

So please think before you send another generic email asking for something from someone you don’t know. Make sure you give before asking.



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