About Us

About Us

Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine is a group for savvy like minded women to discuss their growing empires. We’re opened to girl bosses with established businesses and entrepreneurial girls who want to start their own businesses. Our group allows women to share experiences, offer support and seek help from one another as well as celebrate wins and drown sorrows over copious amounts of wine.

Founded by Gen George (MD & Founder, tamme and Skilld.com) and Jane Lu (CEO & Founder, Showpo) in July 2015, the group has found enormous traction due to a clear gap and demand in the startup scene for such a group.

Our values are clear: meeting like minded bitches and drinking a lot of wine. Won’t you join us?😉  Join here: www.facebook.com/groups/LMBDW

How It Started

The Like Minded Bitches group started in July 2015 as a casual email between Gen and Jane: “let’s meet after work, and talk shop over some drinks. Invite any other chicks you think might be interested.”

More than 20 girls came, which at first caused a bit of stress for the restaurant with the table situation, but soon the girls realised this was about more than just seating configuration – it meant there was a need for a group like this; a group for you to find other girls to share your business successes and woes with.

Soon things escalated.

By December that year, the group had grown to 1,000 members on Facebook, had hosted 150 guests at the Sydney Christmas Party and expanded to Melbourne and Brisbane. And this is just the start.

We want to find like minded bitches and promote entrepreneurship all over the world.


Gen George
Managing Director & Founder: Skilld.com
Favourite drink: Aperol Spritz
My guilty pleasure: Gin & Tonics
Twitter: @msgengeorge
Facebook: www.fb.com/msgengeorge
Business mantra: Test, Fail, Learn.

Jane Lu
Founder & CEO, Showpo
Favourite drink: wine
My guilty pleasure: big macs
Instagram: @thelazyceo
Facebook: fb.com/thelazyceo
Business mantra: do more of what makes you happy

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