750 Views Overnight: How Kelli Gets Noticed In A Busy, Noisy World

Kelli Marchewka tends to stand out from the crowd in whatever she does. A self-confessed rebel at heart, Kelli has created a beautiful brand shown on national TV, quickly grown an Instagram account to over 27,000 followers, and built an international network of stockists for her children’s clothing label Anarkid; all while raising her three children!

“You can never do it all, it’s impossible.” – Kelli Marchewka

Kelli tends to put her brands forward instead of pointing the spotlight on herself, explaining, “I’ve always felt personally that I need to take a back step in the business. Why would anyone want to know about me?” But for once, she was dead wrong. For the first time, this entrepreneurial mum shared a bit of herself with the article “Sometimes Life For Kids With A Mum That Works From Home Can Be…Well, A Bit Shit.” It was a raw, honest and emotional recount of how difficult it can be juggling a business, family life and kids. She admits, “I never feel like I’m catching up. If I’m catching up on work, the house looks like it’s been ransacked or the kids have had McDonalds for tea.”

Kelli may not want to be front and centre in her businesses, but her audience sure does. With over 750 views in the first night of publishing the article, this continued to build up to 3,000 views over a week. Women and mothers around the world loved her matter-of-fact tone that states bluntly, “You can never do it all, it’s impossible.”

“I think you have to be very concerned about what everyone else is doing. Not in a negative way to copy or (measure) yourself against them; but if someone else has 10k followers in 6 months and you’re still sitting on 100, well of course you need to (look at) what they’re doing!”

This isn’t the first time the Anarkid designer has struck a chord with an audience. On multiple occasions she has built Instagram accounts with followers in the tens of thousands within a year (check out her latest Instagram here). You may think Kelli is just a bit of a social media guru or has a knack for collating and creating beautiful visuals; and you would be right [admittedly she does have over 20 years experience in graphic design!]. However, that doesn’t mean her success is out of reach from the rest of us trying to get noticed in a busy, noisy world. Apart from being genuine, passionate and producing interesting, stunning content, Kelli’s biggest tip is to analyse your competitors for guidance; “I’m constantly looking at other businesses and (thinking) ‘WOW! I love the way they are doing that,’ and then I use that as inspiration to make my business better.” Similar to an artist being influenced by the world around them, Kelli likes to weave in small pieces of those who impress her.

Kelli strongly believes that her focus and concentration on all the players in her industry has given her a competitive edge and is critical to her success. Take some guidance from this clever mum and explore your market, your industry and those around you to see what works well, what doesn’t and what gets you excited. We would love to know who influences and impresses you in your industry. Comment below and let us know whom we should be watching and learning from!


Can’t get enough of this featured LMB? Look below for all the ways you can reach out to Kelli Marchewka as well as shop her cute kids clothes!

Website: http:/anarkid.com.au/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/anarkidorganic/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/anarkidorganic



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